Deposit & Cancellation Policy

As of May 10th, 2018 HP Makeup Artistry will be implementing a Cancellation & Deposit policy.

1) First time client Deposits – it is my policy to receive a $50 deposit for each new client, regardless of the service (Fill or Full Set). If the client cancels on the appointment without 24 hours notice, or no shows on the appointment, the deposit will NOT be refunded. Further, the client may be asked to full service amount prior to their appointment if re-booking.

We will NOT accept new clientele without receiving a deposit. If said client does not wish to provide a deposit, they will not be booked in.


2) Cancellation Policy – Cancellations without 24 hours notice will result in a cancellation fee which will be the full amount of the service that was to be provided. This must be paid in full prior to the client booking in for their next service.

If the client has provided a deposit (& is a first time client) the deposit will NOT be refunded. The client will also be asked to provide an additional fee or may be asked for the full amount when booking their next appointment.
Clients are to understand that when cancelling an appointment, another appointment may not be available in the same week, or within the next few days. If they client goes over fill time (2 weeks to 3 weeks, or 3 weeks to 4 weeks) they will be charged appropriately. (Example – if you have a 2 week fill and you reschedule to a 3 week fill, you will be charged for a 3 week fill)

3) If you arrive at your 2 week appointment with less than 40 % of your lashes, you will be charged a 3 week fill. If you arrive at your 3 week appointment with less than 20% of your lashes, you will be charged for a full set.

If you have any questions, concerns, or misunderstandings of these policies, please email us at or call us (Haley 780-935-4105 or Pam 780-298-3515) for clarification.

These policies are standing for ALL clientele (including friends & family)